Easy Funding of Wallet

We have integrated monniepoint to easure a smooth and instant recharged. Access your dashboard and tap on fund wallet, proceed to select amount you want to fund your wallet with, and check out. Monniepoint will give you a one time payment account to fund your wallet with direct banking without exposing your credit card.

Instant Delivery

Fast and direct. Are your making payment for Airtime or Data, paying other bills or even paying for your cable subscription? You can be sure of instant delivery without delay.

Auto Refund

With auto refund feature enabled on every account, you can be at peace knowing fully well in the case of failed payment even when you are charged for it, it is quickly refunded, allowing you to try again later.

Excellent Customer Support

Our customer support is excellent. Reach out to us at our business time and be treated like a king, that you are.

Resell Our Services

Our services are tailored to the needs of everyone. If you believe you have a community for friend that you care offer our product and service, come talk to us.